Are these kits royalty free?

The kits on our site are royalty free for online beat leasing. Painless clearance for any Major Placements. Reach out via this email: business.smallg@gmail.com.

Can I use the kits in any DAW? 

Yes! All of our loop kits, drum kits, one shot kits, and midi kits will work in any DAW that accepts MP3, WAV, and MIDI forms.

How will I receive my kits after Purchase?

You'll be provided with a download link right after purchase. In addition, we send you a confirmation email with your download link so you can download it later if you want.

What is the refund policy?

All purchases are final and no refunds will be issued under any circumstances. By purchasing, you are agreeing to these terms. The reason we cannot provide a refund is that once a digital good has been downloaded, it cannot be revoked.